Theophany, n.

The physical manifestation of a god in a form that evokes awe, reverence, and fear.

Volcanic Lightning generated during the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. [Credit:  Terje Sørgjerd ]

Volcanic Lightning generated during the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. [Credit: Terje Sørgjerd]

Fire and lightning are among the most awesome forces witnessed by humanity. Our myths tell us of a burning bush that commanded Moses to lead, and of lightning that wrought the ten commandments. Our pantheons are replete with gods of lightning and fire, from Greek Zeus to Maya Chaac, from Japanese Kagu-tsuchi to Hindu Agni. They are omnipotent, powerful, and often vengeful spirits that change the course of our journey through life and death.

At Burning Man 2019, the Coup de Foudre art collective will bring these primal forces together in Theophany, a superhuman pillar of flame and electricity on open playa.

Theophany Conept

An aesthetic landmark

From a distance, the observer may see what appears to be a larger and life lantern or lighthouse.  As they get closer, drawn by the warm light, they discover that the swirling flame is fed by intricate helical latticework of curved glass forms.

Intense in execution

The visitor pulls a curiously large lever. Suddenly, the flame shape shifts to a louder buzzing blue trail, culminating in a cacophonous blue electric arc swirling through the fire.

A technological feat

Theophany requires a combination of high-powered electrical and flame artistry to complete. Coup de Foudre brings their experience with high energy Tesla Coils and interactive exhibitions to bring this vision to life at Burning Man in 2019.